How to Enter

Entrance Requirements

In order to apply for the mentoring scheme, illustrators must qualify for our entrance requirements:

  • Applicants must have an art or design degree or qualification
  • Illustrators might already be published or design cards and stationery
  • Illustrators still in continuing education for the session 2016/7 will be asked for an academic reference from their current course.

Entry Fee

There is a £7.50 entry fee.  Please note that your entry will not be considered if we have not received this fee.  Once you have submitted your entry via the entry form you must then pay the fee.

The fee is payable to Jenny Brown Associates, Picture Hooks Mentoring Programme administrators.

Your entry

  • A double page spread (in colour)
  • A three-page sequence of events.  This sequence should demonstrate character, continuity and emotion to appeal to children.
  • You may include a link to your website or blog.

Preparing Your Entry

Note: text can be from any source and should not exceed 50 words. Remember, we are not looking for authors, we are looking for illustrators.

Any illustrator who wishes to be considered for the mentoring scheme should apply for selection via the website.

  • All entries should be submitted via our online entry form.
  • All entries should be in .pdf or jpg format.
  • The double-page spread should be saved in one document, with the three-page sequence in a further document.
  • Each of your submitted documents should not be more than 1 megabyte, and the longest dimension should not be more than 2000 pixels.
  • Your artwork does not have to be high-resolution at this stage, but you should make sure that it displays well on screen, with no pixellation/artefacting.  If using Photoshop you can use ‘Save for web and devices’ to compress your artwork as a .jpg file.  Illustrator/InDesign/Acrobat also allow for compression and optimising of artwork when creating .pdf files.
  • When naming your files please use this system: SurnameInitial1.jpg, with consecutive numbering for each piece i.e. Catherine Rayner’s double page spread would be RaynerC1.jpg, then her 3 page sequence would be RaynerC2.jpg, RaynerC3.jpg, RaynerC4.jpg.
  • Your entry must be entirely your own work.  Any copyright issues existing, or arising, are the applicant’s responsibility.

What Happens Next

A panel of experts will compile a shortlist of candidates and invite the successful illustrators to an interview.

For the interview, each illustrator will be asked to bring their sketch book or roughs to show work in progress. They should also bring along their favourite picture book, and be ready to explain to the interview panel why they love it. In addition, please prepare a statement explaining why you wish to be considered for the scheme and what you are hoping to gain from the mentoring process.

Once all the interviews have taken place, the selected illustrators will be matched with an appropriate professional.